Our singles inventory is graded using our own criteria, which is reflective of the condition of the entire card. Because of the range of factors that impact a card’s condition, our grades are not strictly uniform categories, but they give you a good idea of what to expect. Each card is graded individually and placed in one of the following categories:

Near Mint (NM) card

Near Mint (NM): Cards graded in Near Mint condition will be in pristine condition at a glance, and a close examination shows little to no wear. These cards may have very minor wear, but are of the condition that you would expect a card to be fresh from a booster pack.

Excellent (EX) card

Excellent (EX): Cards graded in Excellent condition have some noticeable wear. This could mean small scratches, dings on the border of the card, or small amounts of clouding. Wear on Excellent cards will be minor, but more noticeable at a glance.

Very Good (VG) card

Very Good (VG): Cards graded in Very Good condition have more significant wear. This can mean significant wear around the border of the card, heavier scratches on the surface of the card, heavier clouding, and things like minor creases and indents in the card.

Good (G) card

Good (G): Cards graded in Good condition are sleeve-playable, but will have serious wear. This can mean heavy scratches or indents, clouding, extensive border wear, creases, dirt build-up, and some inking.